Image of a human being at 8 weeks development

Is it really a 'product of conception' or a 'mass of tissue'

Fully 90% of all abortions in the United States are performed during this stage of development

The baby first moves between the 6th and 7th weeks.38 If the lips are stroked the child bends the upper body to one side and makes a quick backward movement.39 This total pattern response involves movement of most of the body.

At 8 weeks, tickling the preborn's nose will cause him to flex his head backwards away from the stimulus.40 Tapping the amniotic sac results in arm movements.41 The preborn swims in the amniotic fluid with a natural swimmer's stroke.42

At the end of the 7th week the child's central nervous system has reached a highly developed state. Dr. Harley Smyth, a neurologist at Toronto's Wellesley Hospital, stated: [A]t 6 weeks there is the possibility of recording electrical activity from the nervous system already so highly organized that it can subserve . . . purposeful and even co-ordinated movements.43

At merely 40 days the skeleton begins to develop in cartilage.44 The movement of electrical impulses through the neural fibres and spinal column takes place between 6 and 7 weeks and at the end of the second month most parts of the adult skeleton can be identified, as well as most named nerves and muscles.45, 46

At only 40 days after fertilization electrical waves as measured by the EEG can be recorded from the baby's brain, indicating brain functioning47, 48

[Development obtained by a fetus at 8 weeks]

At 8 to 9 weeks the eyelids have begun forming. Hair appears.54

By the 9th or 10th week the preborn child sucks her thumb, turns, somersaults, jumps, can squint to close out light, frowns, swallows, and moves her tongue.55

If you stroke a preborn's palm at 9 to 10 weeks she will make a fist. At 9 weeks she will bend her fingers round an object in the palm of her hand.56 At 11 weeks the face and all parts of the upper and lower extremities are sensitive to touch.57, 58

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