The Crisis Pregnancy/Adoption Network

The Crisis Pregnancy Center/Adoption Network

It's a baby..... not a choice.

We will never change the actions of mothers that have become convinced that it is acceptable to kill their own unborn children, unless the Holy Spirit first changes the hearts of those so deceived. Make every effort to spread the Gospel in a lost and searching world. There are a number of resources available for adoption and support services, Bethany Christian Services offers a full range of services.

Many reasons are given to justify abortion-on-demand in this country. After all of the rhetoric, over 4000 babies are killed each day in this country alone! Over 32,000,000 children are dead today since Roe vs. Wade legalized the killing of the unborn in 1973.

Are you unsure what the issues are? Do you have questions about the 'personhood' of the unborn? Do you think that abortion only removes 'fetal tissue' or the 'product of conception'? If you have never actually seen the results of abortion, you will find the photographs here.

Throughout history we have justified awful treatment of that "this" group of people or "that" group of people saying that they were "less" than human or even "inhuman". This is exactly what is happening today all over the world. Pre-born human beings have been arbitrarily defined as sub- or inhuman; pieces of tissue with no life, no identity, no rights. What would you have done in the past?

This is unnacceptable, and I will continue to actively support pro-life causes and oppose pro-abortion causes. As a Christian I have all the evidence and justification I need for this stand. There is not a single argument for the 'pro-choice' position that does not decry the rights of the individual to control their own bodies. It's an argument rooted in self and selfishness.

These services are valuable for anyone finding themselves in a time of crisis pregnancy. I've seen the great love and devotion of those who have given their lives to the cause of serving women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

My Wife Susie and I are expecting a new baby in February '96. Here is an ultrasound that we had done when the baby was 9 weeks old.
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